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installed the most panels. president obama signed a bill designating pinnacles national monument as the newest national park. that opens the door for more visitors. california has nine national parks more than any other state. >> dan: let's talk about this cold weather. >> carolyn: it's really going to get cold, sandhya. >> time to turn up the heat. extra blanket on the bed. live picture it's going to get cold tonight. it is freezing and live picture from high definition roof camera. look at the bay bridge showing off the parking lead lights, beautiful display there and look at live doppler 7. showers are gone. the snow is long gone and clear skies we are expecting a chilly night. temperatures right now already in the 40s. oakland is only place where we're seeing 50 degree temperature. down to 42 in fairfield. freezing cold and cool afternoons into the weekend. dry and milder as we head into next week. here is a look at the lows. by morning you are going to need to bundle up. 33 degrees in san jose. 31 in fremont. 33 richmond, oakland 36, 34 in san jose and these are not the cold
. >> the big part of the budget is getting people back to work. >> president obama has said he will not negotiate with congress on whether they should pay their bills. some republicans are now criticizing his fiscal leadership. >> what is really disappointing to me is that the president isn't generating a discussion on his own help has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table when he have these other big issues like the debt ceiling to get him to talk about it. i wish he would lead. >> after nancy pelosi appeared on national tv it was off to her annual happy new year's celebration in san francisco. she was greeted with a roar of applause at the presidio. the meeting answers the delance si street foundation. considered the country's leading residential self-help organization for the homeless, ex-cops. pelosi was instrumental in getting federal money for the program. >> wasn't bad outside. >> leigh: showers this morning and then as we forecasted last night, moved out quickly and actually saw lots of clearing this afternoon. even a nice sunset. but the sun is down now. as
of representatives, tabulated before a joint session of congress. president obama won, you'll recall with 62 more electoral votes than he needed to win. here is a final vote count of the popular count. which was most closer. >> facebook getting into the phone business, sort of. the social network has become the place to share your thoughts and now, your voice. it's called messenger but couldn't do anything you couldn't already do. >> i'm just ewing facebook messener option. >> she is sending by recording her voice. you press to record, then let go to send. >> so it's really easy to send record a voice mail and send it and match up a voice mail. so easy to do that. >> it's a novelty some said they'd have fun with. >> send your dad a voice and say it's a text message. >> this is personal. >> yes. personal during holidays. >> but bigger news is a feature facebook claims is rolling out. three phone calls. >> to connect you don't need numbers then. a lot of people would find value in that. they might not have a number but be facebook friends at them. wot toth idea of making phone calls. some said the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3